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Today Katharine Shilcutt reported on some of the openings and closings around town, leading to a conversation in the comments about the opening of the new Christian's in the Heights and inspiring The Great Gazoo to bring up a question:

ok, hope this doesn't stir anything up, but I drive by the new Christian's four times a day and swear i have seen red ashtrays some of the inside tables. as a semi-smoker :) I'd by cool with that, but not sure if that's really what I'm seeing. or if they could somehow be skirting the smoking sanctions b/c of the open garage door things in the front of the building. this could all be wishful thinking on my part.

this also led me to think that what I was seeing was indeed some form of private opening, in which case I guess they could allow smoking as it would not be a public venue (?)

or I just got them busted!

Does anybody have more info? Happy weekend!


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