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In honor of National Donut Day (yes, it's a thing), Craig Hlavaty took a break from his busy schedule of gripping knives with his teeth and writing about Internet memes to bring you a slightly NSFW post of sexy donut photos to whet your appetite. Hey, it's Friday afternoon. But Hlavaty's efforts appear to have backfired in the case of commenter Trisch:

Thanks for that. I was all good and ready to leap off the health wagon for this afternoon's snack and splurge on a donut or twelve for National Donut Day, but after those bathtub shots and that one with the man in pink underpants, the leftover oatmeal in the fridge is looking a lot more appealing.

For his part, Hlavaty maintains that this reaction was his intention all along: "It was my version of Scared Straight," he replied. It worked for us, too; sorry, Shipley's.


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