Comment of the Day

It's nice to know that our weekly Where Are We Eating? posts inspire more than just bleary-eyed Monday morning stabs at the correct answer. On today's post about Pondicheri, commenter Kelly told us that a recent Where Are We Eating? photo first inspired her to try what we think is the best new restaurant of the year:

Great photo of the blackberry pear coffee cake -- it is so moist and delicious! Have been 3 times in the past 2 weeks, including once for breakfast because I was so inspired by the HoustonPress photo of the Breakfast Thali. The masala eggs are scrumptious. . .

Good to know, and we'll pass along the compliment to our photographers: Troy Fields, who shot the photos for this week's cafe review, and Gary R. Wise, who took the initial "inspiration" photo of that tasty thali.


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