Comment of the Day

Today Jason Bargas reminisced about the time he drank some Miller High Lifes and decided to open a food truck, then asked readers about their ideas for food truck names. Commenter T. J. Cookwell seemed to have a list at the ready, judging from this quick reply:

  • Nacho O'Queso's (Tex-Mex)
  • Good Cup Bad Cup (Coffee)
  • "I Can't Believe It's Not Buttercream" (Cupcakes)
  • "Buffalo" Wangs (Chinese featuring buffalo chicken spring rolls)
  • Oye (Como) Veh ( A Jewish / Mexican theme)
  • Carbon 14 (BBQ)
  • Scienceburger (when parked by Rice University)
  • Intelligent Design Burgers and Fries (when parked by fundamentalist churches)
  • The Missing Link (BBQ)
  • Truman Chipotle's
  • Edgar Allan Po-Boys
  • The Moose and the Squirrel (Russian)
  • Ofay Honkey's (Southern cooking)

Although a few of these are questionable, we couldn't resist others. Truman Chipotle's? Edgar Allan Po-Boys? Sold!


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