Comment of the Day

Today John Kiely declared Classic Donuts better than Shipley's. Then commenter Mike Simon alerted us to the following:

There is a new Shipley Do-Nuts "Concept Store" at 12225 Westheimer which takes things to another level. They serve hot donuts, beignets and fresh kolaches (try the Italian sausage with Provolone cheese) 24/7. The dining area is done nicely with benches and cushions, a bar with stools across the front window, as well as tables & chairs. There's also an outdoor patio seating area -- oh, and free wi-fi. If you order online or from your iPhone they'll bring it to your car without waiting in line. You can even save a stop at Starbucks because they serve real espresso based bevs plus frappes & smoothies. I hope this becomes a trend for other Shipleys to follow.

What the hell? This is blowing our mind. Has anyone else been there?


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