Comment of the Day

Kevin Shalin visited Mandola's Deli and reported that the family-run place is going to start doing a dinner service. And commenter hoho wrote in to let us know that we finally got it right:

Finally! an authentic, time-tested Houston institution that truly deserves props. BTW, the original location (or an early one, at least, before Leland) was on the Southeast side in a strip center off Broadway near Hobby Airport. This family knows food. Italian / Sicilian American with a Texas twist that evokes the grocery stores and delis that peppered downtown and the wards after WWII. There's a reason it's always packed at lunch. Here's to hoping they don't over-extend themselves with the dinner offering, but with this family's know-how, it's bound to be a success.

We think we might contribute to Mandola's success tonight. Happy Friday!


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