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Today Katharine Shilcutt reported on a Whole Foods email which advised stores not to promote Ramadan. Commenter "My money where my mouth is" shared some thoughts:

Not that i particularly care whether a store advertises its products to me at Ramadan or any other time with little placards saying "Ramadan item" or "Ramadan sale"...or even cute crescents and stars (my bottom line will be price and quality), but this was their practice for items at EVERY OTHER holiday. They started the ad campaign but discontinued it since some people got upset saying BS like "Ramadan represents terrorism" and thats why it shouldn't be promoted.  I DO think its their responsibility to be level-headed and stand up for fair and equitable treatment for ALL their customers. Seems Whole Foods values a few dollars more than the customer OR their integrity. 

Shilcutt's story has 131 comments and counting...


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