Controlled Explosion

Bored out of my skull by a party at The Stag's Head (2128 Portsmouth, 713-533-1199), I looked to the bartender for something that might liven things up. What finally shook the place was Kevin's Exploding Irish Car Bomb. He dropped a shot glass of half Jameson Irish Whiskey and half Baileys Irish Cream into a pint of Guinness, slammed it on the bar and handed it to me to chug as if it were a glass of milk. The funny part is, it really did taste like chocolate milk. Got milk? Hell, I got a buzz! If you do it right, the explosion is contained, i.e., the shot glass won't hit you in the nose, and the beer won't run down your chin and all over your clothes. Let's just say I need a little practice. Thankfully, the creamy taste makes a second, and third, try all but irresistible. Which brings us to the best overheard, drink-related pickup line of the evening: "So, are you gonna swallow the whole thing all at once?" This, of course, was followed by the thanks-but-no-thanks response: "I'll gag if I put all that in my mouth."

The Stag's Head's Exploding Irish Car Bomb:

Pint of Guinness
Half-shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey
Half-shot of Baileys Irish Cream

In a full or partially full (depending on how much of an explosion you want) pint of Guinness, drop the shot glass (half whiskey, half Irish cream) into the pint, slam it on the bar and chug until the shot glass rattles in the empty pint.


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