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As a concept, Sunday Fun Day has one fundamental flaw: Last I checked, Sunday precedes Monday on the calendar, so Sunday Funday almost always turns into Monday Notsofuckingfun Day. But I always fall for Sunday's trickery. Oh sure, you have the day off. Have some drinks with your friends at a place like the new Dean's Credit Clothing (315 Fairview; 713-807-0301). Don't worry, your boss won't notice if you're less than sharp tomorrow. In fact, you can roll in a little late — after all, not much is going on at the office at nine on a Monday. Right? Not so fast, my friend. Those are the days that hit you like an aluminum bat the second you flip on the lights. The Sunday-Monday combo works you over like a good cop/bad cop routine. Sunday softens you up until you let your guard down, then Monday busts into the interrogation room and starts breaking shit. But enough about my issues with alcohol and time management...I tried this cocktail at Dean's called a Golden Zinger (not to be confused with a golden shower). With hints of honey and citrus, it's a refreshing summertime drink. Ryan, the bartender, mixed one up nice and cold, and it was perfect on yet another oppressive Houston night. As the condensation ran down the side of my glass, I tried to think happy thoughts and not about the sound of my alarm, set to go off in less than eight hours.

2 ounces Smirnoff vodka

1/2 ounce Bärenjäger honey liqueur


Dean's Credit Clothing

Splash of orange juice

Squeeze of lemon

Shake and strain into a martini glass. Rise and shine.


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