Decco Cafe

When you first see the new Decco Cafe (5120 Woodway, 281-963-8273) in the Decorative Center on Woodway, you can't help but be struck by the magnificent space it occupies. A completely circular bar is at the heart of the dramatic restaurant, whose look lives up to its location, which, after all, is the heart of interior design in Houston.

"The space in the Decorative Center is just an amazing place; it has a real 'wow' factor. Jackson Hicks, the caterer, was here before us, but we think that the leap from caterer to restaurateur is harder than the other way around," says Oscar Aguilar, one of the owners of this new place. While the restaurant focuses on the people who work and visit the center, it's open to all. "There are about 800 people who work in the Center, and we want to appeal to them as well as to ladies who live in Tanglewood, Post Oak and the Galleria."

As for the food, "We call it Mexitalian," says Aguilar, while his partner, Alex Garcia, calls it "fresh and innovative Mexican food combined with other cuisines popular in America." The lunch menu includes a burger, an egg sandwich, spaghetti and a Mexican torta with chicken breast. For breakfast, we sampled a freshly baked croissant served with agave nectar butter and homemade berry preserve. We also tried the colorful, tasty chilaquiles, made with smoky guajillo pepper, red and yellow tortilla strips, white queso and grilled chicken.

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