Diego's Burritos in San Angelo

Diego's Burritos in San Angelo

We recently stumbled into Diego's Burritos in San Angelo (3033 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, 325-223-0737). It seemed like a local hotspot -- the parking lot was packed, and the line went out the extended entryway door. We had breakfast tacos on the brain, and after a weekend of family wedding food, we were hungering for local flavor.

Diego's Burritos in San Angelo

For a hungry party of three, we got a few egg breakfast tacos, beef skirt tacos, and a lengua taco, to the tune of $1.75 a piece, with nearly a dozen little cups of red salsa. The fridge case was surprisingly well stocked with at least five flavors of Jarritos, so we grabbed a tamarind soda to go with breakfast.

Saldly, our egg tacos were incredibly boring, probably the most flat taqueria tacos we've ever had, despite a dousing with the fiery red salsa. The bland breakfast weren't the thing to get, it turned out. The beef skirt tacos were melt-in-your-mouth flavorful, and our lengua, despite seeming a bit undercooked (still pretty rubbery), was really good.

Recommended? Yes, but skip the breakfast tacos. Get beef skirt tacos, load on the fire, and wash it down with a Jarritos.

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