Dish: Bobbie Que's Rib Shack

What does a guy from Akron, Ohio, know about barbecue? "I get asked that question a lot," says Bobbie Patterson, owner of the new Bobbie Que's Rib Shack (3602 Scott, 713-842-7625). Patterson started his culinary career as a cook in the army, went to culinary school and taught others to cook for ten years. "After that, I developed a line of barbecue sauces, like my Bobbie Que's Smoky, Pineapple and Jalapeño sauces, which were sold in many states as well as online."

Patterson moved to Houston four years ago to be with family. "I got the itch to get back into the restaurant business, so when we found this place, I knew I just had to do it," he says. The place he found was formerly South Philly Steaks. Even though Bobbie Que's has just opened, the locals have already discovered not just Patterson's barbecue, but all the other homemade goodies he makes, such as mac and cheese, catfish and jerk chicken. "People have already found us," says Patterson. "Vince Young and Tina Knowles and lots of other celebrities have already been in and have told me that the food is outstanding and that they've been waiting a long time for something like this in this neighborhood."

Dish enjoyed a three-meat barbecue platter, which must have contained at least two pounds of jalapeño sausage, brisket and pork and beef ribs. By far the best were the pork ribs. Bobbie's tangy sauce gave everything a nice kick. The platter came with some of the best baked beans and mustard greens ever, and the cornbread was the fluffiest we've tasted in a long time. The problem with this place is that there's so much good stuff on the menu, it's hard to settle on just one thing.

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