Donut Patrol: Queen Donuts

Donut Patrol: Queen Donuts

Skip the glazed, but don't miss the terrific blueberry cake doughnuts at Queen Donuts on 18th St. This place was recommended by a Donut Patrol regular named Laura who wrote: "If you're trolling this area (the Heights), I suggest Queen Donut on 18th street. Their ham & cheese croissants are worth the trip. Their holes are quite good."

Donut Patrol: Queen Donuts

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to sample the Queen's holes. I didn't get the ham and cheese croissant either. I was too fascinated by a creation that Queen Donut calls "meat donuts." I bought two of these, one filled with bacon and eggs and one filled with sausage and eggs. They were irresistible. In fact, when I broke one in half to take a photo of the filling, a small child snatched the photo model up and ate it.

The meat donut occupies a strange middle ground between the kolache and the breakfast croissant. It is essentially kolache dough with a croissant-style filling of scrambled egg and breakfast meat inside. I am not sure why it's called a meat donut rather than a scrambled egg kolache.

Queen Donut is located next door to a former DQ called Queen Burger.

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