Dorilocos at Tacos Mayra

Dorilocos at Tacos Mayra

Tacos Mayra on Beechnut is a particularly festive-looking taco truck parked just outside of Beltway 8 on the north side of the street. The extensive menu is hand-painted on the outside of the truck. The truck's owner is the artist. I love the painting of the rabbit holding the fruit cocktail.

Dorilocos at Tacos Mayra

Among the many dishes painted on the panel truck is one I had never heard of before called "Dorilocos." It's a Frito Pie made with Doritos, the guy behind the counter said. I asked him if he also served Cheeto Pie, but he said he didn't have that one. So I settled for the Dorilocos. I was a little disappointed that they weren't served in the bag. They tasted just like nachos -- as you might imagine.

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