Double Your Pleasure

Employing the theory that if one dessert is good then two are even better, we humbly offer a recent discovery: the carrot cheesecake ($6.25) at Pappas Seafood House (6945 Gulf Freeway, 713-641-0318; and other locations). While the top and bottom look like the creamiest of cheesecakes, the middle contains swirls of carrot cake. Not only does the carrot break up the monotonous color and texture inherent in most cheesecakes, it also adds a remarkable moistness to the treat. If you're like us, cheesecake invariably sticks to the roof of your mouth, no matter how delicately you try to dislodge it from the fork. Well, the carrot cake prevents this from happening. Encased in a traditional crust, it is served with a deliciously sweet chantilly cream and some caramelized pecans for added texture. It's the perfect dessert for those who can never make up their minds.


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