Endless CFS

My e-mail box is filling up fast. “Robb, have you tried the CFS at the Old West in Denton? It is probably the best one I have ever eaten,” wrote David Luna. Burleigh Nevills wrote, “Beef N bun restaurant on West Fuqua wasn't on your list....hmmm.” And Walter Hammock thoughtfully observed, “I realize you can't hit them all but you missed a real gem in Texas Tradition in Katy, the real deal on CFS.”

The CFS at Neinast in Somerville

Yes, I probably missed some great ones. And to tell you the truth, I also ate some great ones that I didn’t get around to writing about.

Take the wonderful little CFS I ate at Neinast, “The Windmill Restaurant,” in Somerville, for instance. It had a Southern style crust and excellent cream gravy. But since it was the second best CFS in Somerville, it didn’t make my Lovable 25.

Which is really a shame since college students from a farm college in that part of the state have sworn allegiance to either the Neinast or Country Inn CFS for generations.

But when it comes to Texas chicken-fried steaks, Walter is right, “You can’t hit them all.” – Robb Walsh


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