Chicken Sushi
Chicken Sushi
Photo courtesy of Fancy Fast Food

Fancy Fast Food

Ever eaten a Burger King Croissan'wich and thought, "This would be better as a quiche?" Or wished that Popeye's made chicken sushi? No, me neither.

But the evil minds behind the latest Internet meme Fancy Fast Food are taking the taquitos and absurdly named 'wiches from fast food restaurants and making them gourmet. Kind of. Turning No. 3 Meals into tortellini and tapas is no easy feat; the recipes require a lot of rinsing, squeezing things dry, and food processing. It's queasiness-inducing, but it's funny -- Diet coke simmered down for hoisin sauce? -- and definitely inventive.

These days, chefs love to take ironic or nostalgic items like Spam, meatloaf and peanut butter and elevate them, so FFF's "McSteak and Potatoes" may not be as far out as it seems. It may not intend to, but "Fancy Fast Food" definitely pokes fun at today's pervasive "foodie" culture.


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