Fantastic Naan at Kaiser Lashkari's Himalaya Restaurant

I just came across a slideshow called "

Foods You Shouldn't Eat

" and – bam! – the first one listed was naan, which can clock in at 500 calories, so we're talking two to three hours on the elliptical. What to do? What to do? Well, I guess one could limit oneself to naan as a meal in itself.

But that would be hard to do if we're talking about the naan at Kaiser Lashkari's Himalaya Restaurant (6652 S.W. Freeway, 713-532-2837), which I think is the best in town. I recommend that you try the grilled fish and naan or the handi chicken and naan. Either would be under $10. The photo you see here features some of Lashkari’s special biriani and a chapli kebab (very spicy, very delish). – Jay Francis

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