Fast Times: Kentucky Fried Chicken 'Chunky Chicken' Pot Pie
Photos by Christina Uticone

Fast Times: Kentucky Fried Chicken 'Chunky Chicken' Pot Pie

A $4, fast food pot pie -- who could resist? Certainly not me, and as soon as I saw an advert for the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie at KFC I was pulling up to the drive-thru window. Chicken pot pie is a total throwback to my childhood, when my brother and I would turn up our noses at the delicious, homemade version and beg for the frozen-TV-dinner pot pie my dad kept on hand for quickie dinners. God, I was a stupid kid.

You may recall my recent unfortunate experience with a KFC Mashed Potato Bowl. If so, you are probably wondering why I would subject myself to yet another KFC one-dish meal. I guess I really am a glutton for punishment.

I'm not sure what a frozen pot pie at the grocery store goes for these days, but if it's more than four bucks, the KFC Chunky Chicken pot pie is a good value for largely the same product. The KFC pot pie is substantial; enormous, actually. If you paired a portion with a side salad, you'd probably have a complete meal for three or four people. I was rather shocked when I felt the weight of the pot pie in the take-out bag -- as far as fast food goes, you get a lot of food for your money.

So how does the pot pie taste? An awful lot like the frozen pot pie I remember from my childhood. The vegetables -- carrots, peas, potatoes -- have that unmistakable "we used to be frozen" quality. Not freezer burn exactly, just that odd too-firm-to-be-fresh texture frozen veggies sometimes get. The flaky outer crust is as good as a prepared pie crust can be -- somewhat buttery, to be sure, but also quite dense. KFC bills the crust as "light and flaky," but that's only half true.

While the Chunky Chicken pot pie does contain a fair amount of white meat, there is plenty of dark meat in the mix as well. The "savory, home-style sauce" is generic, and not even as good as KFC's gravy. I'll rate the Chunky Chicken pot pie above the KFC Mashed Potato Bowl, but just barely.

Nutrition info: 790 calories, 45 grams fat, 75 mg cholesterol, 1970 mg sodium, 66 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 7 g sugars, 29 g protein

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