Fish Story: Zen Tuna Roll

The two kinds of tuna in the Toro Crunch at Soma give the elegant sushi roll a huge tuna flavor. The presentation is a Zen composition of symmetrical shapes and restrained colors. Chopped fatty toro tuna and chives are the soft center while a strip of bluefin tuna strides the crest of the rice cylinder. Then comes a dollop of fish roe. The astonishing garnish that teeters on top is a diagonal slice of tempura chives. It's one of the best sushi rolls in town and its yours for a mere $17.

Located at 4820 Washington Avenue, Soma is arguably the coolest sushi bar in town. Sushi and drinks are 10% off during weeknight happy hour from 4 to 7, but only for patrons at the bar. Try Soma's signature French martini while you're standing there eating your tuna roll.

-Robb Walsh


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