Five Absolutely Cringeworthy Restaurant Commercials

By now, we've all seen the commercial for Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage. Sadly, the video with the dancing chickens, catchy jingle and promise of a pedicure with the finest honey barbecue sauce in Illinois was too terrible to be true.

Fortunately, there are plenty of actual commercials for restaurants that are even worse than Jones' BBQ & Foot Massage with the added bonus of being real. Somewhere out there, companies paid a pretty penny (in the case of Carl's Jr., literally millions) only to be made a laughingstock on a local and -- even more humiliating -- national basis.

Here are our choices for the five worst restaurant commercials in recent memory.

5. The Quizno's Rats

Admittedly, we found the Quizno's rats oddly endearing and terrifically memorable. Unfortunately, the rest of the viewing public didn't agree. The "rats" were offputting to most, disgusting to others. There were even claims that Quizno's sales dropped dramatically after the commercials began to air. The ads were yanked within a few months and replaced with far blander commercials, which actually match Quizno's bland offerings. Happy, America?

4. Cantina's Tequila Bot

While we wholeheartedly approve of any ad that features a robot which strongly resembles Bender from Futurama, we don't approve of commercials that (1) have incredibly poor production values and (2) portray Mexicans as nothing more than tequila-guzzling pistoleros, especially when the "Mexican" is played by a skeevy white guy. Blackface died. How about putting Beanerface to bed, too?

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