Gaga for Fufu

Gaga for Fufu

Fufu Café (9889 Bellaire Blvd) recently expanded, opening a new place in the same center as its previous location. On our first visit to the new locale, we noticed 32 more seats than the previous café, which means it can hold two-and-a-half times more people than before. The layout is simple and seems designed to fit as many seats as possible.

The café has a larger menu, with affordable, family-style, eight-course meals on offer. The addition of fresh live seafood left us drooling, but we ended up ordering our favorites from the previous kitchen to see if the chef translated them well here. Sizzling beef came out tender and well-made; mapa dofu (spicy tofu with shredded pork) was great; and the salty fish fried rice was exactly as we remembered it. Eating Our Words recently posted a noodle dish from Fufu -- we tried that too, and it went over really well.

For a quick bite, including late at night, Fufu does not fail to deliver the goods.

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