Get 'Em in Peak Season: 5 Standout Brussels Sprout Dishes to Try in Houston

You can count on chef Monica Pope for a taste of the best fresh, local ingredients.
You can count on chef Monica Pope for a taste of the best fresh, local ingredients.
Photo by Troy Fields

It seems that Brussels sprouts have had a comeback as of late. And rightfully so. Not only are the leafy, miniature cabbage-like greens delicious steamed, roasted, fried, or raw; they also have fantastic health benefits -- including both cholesterol-lowering and cancer-preventing agents. Thankfully, plenty of Houston restaurants have taken to showcasing the heart-friendly cruciferous veggies on their menus.

While Brussels sprouts are cultivated around the year, their peak season is during colder months, meaning it is almost at its end. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get 'em while they're cold!

Here are five standout brussels sprouts dishes that we recommend trying:

1. Miso Brussels Sprouts at Sparrow Bar + Cookshop

Chef Monica Pope is known for a few things in the kitchen -- her locavore mentality and the unpretentious, simple preparations paired with wonderfully complex flavors. Her dichotomous food is showcased perfectly by the beautiful sprout side dish at her casual, intimate restaurant, Sparrow Bar + Cookshop.

The mini wild cabbages are crisped and tossed in a caramelized miso vinaigrette, giving each sprout a just-firm-enough bite. Sweet, tangy, salty and sticky, they make a stunning accompaniment to the restaurant's selection of center plates.

Goro & Gun's sprouts are simple, yet oh-so-good.
Goro & Gun's sprouts are simple, yet oh-so-good.
Photo by James Brock

2. Flash-Fried Sprouts at Goro & Gun

Executive Chef JD Woodward has reimagined Goro & Gun's cuisine, stepping up their game to match the hip spot's phenomenal bar program by creating simpler, more approachable fare.

But simpler doesn't mean boring...and bold and exciting dishes like the flash-fried Brussels sprouts will prove just that. The slightly bitter sprouts have a pleasant crunchy twinge, while pickled plump yellow raisins add a tender and juicy pop to the dish. A bowl is just $9 and makes the perfect appetizer or side dish for two.

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