Goin' Yard

Upon entering Caribbean Cuisine (7433 Bissonnet, 713-772-8225), your first thought is a question: How can so many delicious smells emanate from one small storefront restaurant -- or rather, a half-restaurant and half-Jamaican grocery? The menu boasts the typical Jamaican fare -- jerk chicken, curried chicken and goat, oxtail dinner, brown chicken stew -- all with a distinctive Scotch bonnet zing that lingers comfortably on the tongue. When confronted with so many tantalizing aromas, the best thing to do here is take a trip Round de Yard. For $8.95, you can pick three entrées (except the seafood dishes) and have them served up with the traditional rice, peas and fried plantains. This dish can satiate one extremely hungry Rasta, maybe even two -- assuming, of course, they haven't partaken of their favorite herb beforehand.


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