Hangover W(h)ine

"No liquor, no limes," said the bartender at the downtown wine bar La Carafe (813 Congress, 713-229-9399). The joint has always been one of my favorites, but what's a poor cocktail columnist supposed to do here? I settled for a weird variation of wine spritzer that combined South African Semillon and a California Cabernet with traditional club soda. At midnight, the place was jumping with happy couples out quaffing bottles of wine. The giant candles on either side of the gold-plated cash register looked like wax glaciers, a warm breeze was coming through the front door, and someone had loaded the jukebox with some vintage Dylan. Even my drink wasn't half bad.

La Carafe's Wine Spritzer:
3 ounces Two Oceans Semillon
3 ounces Butterfield Station Cabernet Sauvignon
1 1/2 ounces club soda

In a frozen beer glass half filled with ice, combine above ingredients and stir. Very refreshing for a hangover.


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