Hats Off

On the southwest side of town, there's a tiny Jewish bakery with a French name, owned by a Hispanic woman, where they make hamantaschen (75 cents each), otherwise known as Haman's hats or ears. These small delectable pastries -- in the shape of an equilateral triangle -- are filled with various sweet fillings such as apricot, raspberry, lemon, chocolate, prunes and the traditional poppy seeds. The edges are pinched shut, forming an opening at the top where the contents barely peek out. They get their name from Haman, an adviser to the king of Persia who plotted the extermination of Jews during the Achaemenid Empire. The plot was foiled, and Jews have since celebrated the late-winter festival known as Purim. You can find these historically significant sweets at Le Moulin European Bakery (5645 Beechnut, 713-779-1618).


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