Haute Texan Tacos

Jason Jones has had a long and distinguished culinary career. He is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef and has worked in Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin and Houston, where he's from. He has taught the culinary arts, designed menus and designed kitchen layouts. He's even cooked for bigwigs like George Bush, Dick Cheney and the guy Cheney accidentally shot, Harry Whittington. Now he's running his own gourmet mobile truck, called Haute Texan Tacos (2306 Brazos, 832-866-8052), which you will find in the parking lot of Little Woodrow's in Midtown on Thursdays through Saturdays.

"After 21 years of being locked in a kitchen, it was time to get out and meet the people I cook for," said Jones. "We're making everything fresh and from scratch, like our salsas, our fish tacos, carne guisada or pulled pork tacos," Jones said. Dish tried these three dishes along with a stuffed avocado, and found them all to be extremely tasty, including the tomatillo salsa and Jones's red sauce. Jones will also bring his mobile food truck to other locations for special events.

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