Health Department Roundup: "Season of Joy" Edition

It's in the air; everywhere we look around - hope, joy and lots of pie. Even on the Health Department website, we found holiday sentiment lurking in the names of a few unlucky establishments, among the mentions of ill-fitting sink fixtures and possible food contaminations.

Not measuring things like chemical sanitation solution or the temperature of their fridge, and not wearing proper hair restraint merited a sad face for Happy Fast Food (8612 S. Braeswood).

Offending the senses more than a plastic leg in a front window, Happy Lamp (9619 Hillcroft) suffered four repeat violations last week. Among them were storing raw food in uncovered containers and not cleaning food and non-food surfaces.

Named after the most sacred of holiday traditions, Late Nite Pie (302 Tuam) got negative marks for not handling equipment/plates properly to prevent contamination. Like Happy Fast Food, they weren't big fans of measuring their cleaning solution either.


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