Hot Lunch Tip: Spicy Fish at Shanghai Cuisine

Hot Lunch Tip: Spicy Fish at Shanghai Cuisine
Photo by Robb Walsh

"Spicy Fish" is an awesome lunch if you like hellishy hot seafood. Tilapia medallions are stir-fried with dried red peppers and slices of fresh jalapeño chile and served with steamed rice. The bottom of the plate is covered with bright orange oil, just in case the other peppers aren't spicy enough. Like all the lunch specials at Shanghai Cuisine, it's incredibly cheap -- everything is $4.88.

The restaurant is located in the shopping center on the south side of Bellaire just before Beltway 8. My friends call this the "Failsafe Center" because there are so many good restaurants in it. The list includes Juice Box, FuFu Cafe, Tofu Village, Hong Kong Dim Sum and Fruitiful Cafe, the new Shanghainese all day dim sum joint. "Shanghainese" is what people from Shanghai call themselves -- the most famous Shanghainese guy in Houston is Yao Ming.

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