Hot Plate

Dreaming in Chocolate: If I could design one dessert to satisfy all of my cravings, it'd look suspiciously like the Choco Coco layer cake ($4.87 per slice, $35 per cake) at Europa Cafe [2536 Nottingham, (713)942-0001]. My dream dessert would combine the stoutness of German chocolate cake with the satiny sophistication of cheesecake. It would start with a perfectly balanced chocolate batter, neither too sweet nor too dark. Coconut and walnuts would be swirled into the batter and would stud the top and back of the finished product -- you know, just for a little crunch -- and cream cheese would be spread evenly between the two chocolate layers. Oh, and the sweet treat would be topped with cream and chocolate shavings. Thank goodness I can pop into Europa Cafe for a slice instead of baking this treasure myself. I'm afraid I'd devour the entire thing at home.


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