Hot Plate

Nuts to You, Ben and Jerry: A third "super-premium" brand of ice cream has recently elbowed its way into Houston's grocery freezers, competing with Häagen-Dazs and our good buddies from Vermont. The prettily packaged pints ($2.99 to $3.49) of Dreyer's new Dreamery lineup feature some of the usual suspects -- chocolate and vanilla, of course, and Grandma's Cookie Jar, riddled with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough -- but also some deliciously unexpected confections. Our favorites include Nuts About Malt (malted chocolate ice cream studded with chocolate-covered almonds), Sticky Bun (cinnamon-scented ice cream with bits-o-bun, raisins and pralined pecans) and the hard-to-find Hot Chilly Chili, a sophisticated swirl of vanilla, mole fudge and spicy nuts. Devotees can use the Flavor Finder on the company's Web site,, to chase down the latest local arrivals of favored flavors.


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