Hot Plate

Salad Daze: The Thai-style spinach salad, $6.95 at Edloe Street Delicatessen [6119 Edloe Street, (713)666-4302], turns out to be a hearty, giant-bowled assemblage of tender spinach leaves, slivered carrot, thin slippery vermicelli noodles tossed with soy sauce, and veritable slabs of grilled chicken -- all sprinkled with spicy roasted peanuts. You're provided a pint or so of rich, creamy peanut dressing to administer as you see fit, doctor's orders be damned. And even go-boxed orders get the companion hunk of crusty brown bread and pat of butter. In the sometimes wimpy category of green leafy lunches, this one's a righteously full meal.


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