Hot Plate

Waffle Wake-up: Kick-start your weekend mornings with the wide-eyed waffles ($5) served at the Heights' eclectic Kaldi Cafe [250 West 19th Street, (713)802-2246]. Their perky secret? It's the sultry flavor of dark, fresh-brewed coffee in the cinnamon-scented batter. Deep-pocketed and crisp, these quilted beauties really soak up the maple syrup. They're also sturdy enough for as many special toppings as you might choose (for a mere 50 cents each): yogurt, granola, fresh berries, whipped cream or a warmed apple-and-pear compote. Hungrier than that? Double up half a waffle with scrambled eggs and fresh fruit for a "Brave Combo" ($6.50), if you dare.


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