Hot Plate

Just say, "Red Beans and Ricely Yours," as Louis Armstrong used to sign his letters. The national dish of Louisiana can be found on the chalkboard menu every day at Creole's Louisiana Cuisine [2933 Walnut Bend Lane, (713)785-2340]. Two heaping scoops of white rice are covered with tender red kidney beans and smoked beef sausage, the red-brown gravy fragrant with thyme and oregano but not too spicy. That's why the dozen or so bottles of hot sauce are there: so you can doctor it yourself. "It's made according to our family recipe from way back in Lafayette," explains Raymond Herbert, Creole's manager. Throw in a yellow corn bread muffin, and you've got a real deal for only $4.11; and if it's your lucky day, there'll be an oven-fresh plate of chocolate chip cookies on the counter, compliments of the house.


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