Hot Plate

Tricky Treats: Drop by Andre's Pastry Shop and Cafe [2515 River Oaks Boulevard, (713)5243863] for Halloween goodies that grown-ups will like as well as the kiddies do. There are buttery sugar cookies luxuriously iced with white chocolate, tinted to make green-faced witches, jolly orange jack-o'-lanterns trailing vines, and winged, grinning creatures that look something like friendly bats ($1.50 each, or a fancy gold gift box of six for $10.50). There are cunning little pumpkin crèmes brûlées in a single-serving size, smooth and creamy and seasoned just like pumpkin pie ($2 each). And then, the pièce de résistance: giant puffy eyeballs -- the size of tennis balls -- made of meringue and complete with pale blue irises and pink bloodshot veins (80 cents each). Yumm-my!


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