Hot Plate

I know there's a rock-and-roll heaven. I've been there. And I know there's a pizza heaven, too. I've been there, also. Want to find these pearly gates? Well, luckily for you, it doesn't involve spiritual exercises. Just head on out to Nick-N-Willy's Take & Bake Pizza (5010 Bissonnet, 666-9994). The name's a giveaway. I'll bet you anything the "N" stands for Nirvana. At Nick-N-Willy's, they make pizza from scratch, using only fresh ingredients. And the combinations are celestial. How does fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese grab you? Or smoked chicken, broccoli and sliced red onions? Slices start at $1.15 and go all the way up $3.95, and they're worth every penny. They'll cook it there or you can take an unbaked pizza home and pop it in your own oven. Believe me, this is pizza worthy of the gods.


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