Hot Plate

There are two things you need to know about the adobe pie ($6.50) at Mesa Grill (1971 West Gray, 520-8900). One, it doesn't contain any adobe, and two, all assumptions to the contrary, it isn't cooked in adobe, either. So why the name? For some reason, that was something no one at Mesa was able to explain. Though I hardly think it matters. Call it what you will, this pie is a real treat. Mesa's take on the traditional tamale, it consists of a moist, pliant dome of corn masa filled with chicken and roasted peppers and topped with a multifaceted chili sauce. And there's more: great refried beans, and chips so colorful -- bright yellow, deep blue and apricot -- they look like a potpourri. Add to this a glass of Chardonnay and a cup of espresso, and you would be right to consider yourself one of fortune's favorites.


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