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Seeing it from the street, you'd never guess that Otilia's (7710 Long Point, 681-7203) is a Mexican restaurant. That's because it's housed in what looks like a wooden chalet -- the kind you'd find in Germany's Black Forest. It takes some getting used to. Each time I enter this place, I expect to see Teutonic-looking students tossing back steins of beer while Mario Lanza, standing on a trestle table, bellows, "Drink, drink, drink. Let every true lover drink to his sweetheart." But appearances aside, Otilia's is a Mexican restaurant -- and a very good one, at that. The tacos here are great, and the moles are outstanding. But best of all is the posole. A bright red in color and full of guajillo chiles, this is one of the best versions of pork and hominy soup you're ever likely to taste.

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Otilia's - Closed

7710 Long Point
Houston, TX 77055


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