Hot Plate

The waiter at Cazadores (12323 Kingsride, 465-9377) was no help at all. "What do you recommend?" I asked. "Senor," he said, "I recommend everything." Not much use when the menu you're holding is voluminous. Or appears to be. When examined more closely, much of it consisted of a set of variations: two tostadas, an enchilada and a taco; two tacos, an enchilada and a tostada; two enchiladas.... You get the idea. Using my patented close-your-eyes-and-point method, I ended up ordering the fajita nachos -- standard nachos over which tiny cubes of meat are sprinkled. Pretty darn good they were, too. I tell you: That method of mine is foolproof. One of these days, it will make me a fortune.


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