Hot Plate

What to order when you don't know what you want? Try the $8
Mediterranean salad plate at the Daily Review Cafe (3412 West Lamar, 520-9217). The Middle East-inspired medley caroms from hot to cold, sweet to spicy and creamy to crunchy, all on the same satisfying plate. The crispy fried eggplant roulades are served piping hot with a core of melting goat cheese, while the slippery orzo pasta salad is dished cold, subtly sweetened by wizened little currants and crunchy bits of carrot and Spanish onion. The bulgur wheat kernels in the black-pepper-dusted tabbouleh salad are satisfyingly chewy, and warm wedges of grilled whole-wheat pita flank the garlicky hummus. No matter what you crave, you'll find it here.


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