Hot Plate

Crunchy creole classic: Never mind the ups and downs of the Creuzot family's empire; after 30 years the original and only remaining Frenchy's location [3919 Scott, (713)748-2233], midway between U of H and TSU, is still dishing out legendary fried chicken. Moist, meaty chicken parts are marinated in a secret New Orleans-style blend of herbs and spices that puts the Colonel to shame, fried up in pure vegetable oil to render a crackly-crisp browned skin and served smoking hot. For only $3.19, you can grab any two pieces, your choice, plus a golden-crusted biscuit; skip the limp "Frenchy fries" in favor of a side of soulful dirty rice or collard greens. And they'll throw in a fat pickled jalapeno pepper for free.


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