Hot Plate

Waffelupa, A Whomp Bam Boom: The Waffelupa is "world famous," at least in the Heights, according to its proud inventors at Java Java Café [911 West 11th Street, (713)880-5282]. A crisp, sturdy cornmeal waffle stands in for the standard chalupa's corn tortilla, but it's pure Tex-Mex above the waffle-line: A layer of sautéed onions and peppers and black beans is topped by a juicy half chicken breast, the whole slathered with thick melted cheese and dished up with sour cream, chopped tomatoes and other assorted fixin's. You'll find regulation rice and more smoky, tender black beans on the side. This lunch or dinner waffle whopper may stretch your credibility or your waistline, but not your wallet at $8.75 a plate. (And did we mention there's also a beef and chili version? Groan.)


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