Houston Presents: Top 10 Locally Produced Food and Drink Gifts

What's inside this lovely package? Check out our No. 2 pick.
What's inside this lovely package? Check out our No. 2 pick.
Photo by Ryan Levy

The holidays are upon us, and that means it's time to show your buddies you care by buying them things they probably don't need. But there's no reason to shell out for an expensive, ugly Christmas sweater that he'll never wear, or a tchotchke that will sit idly at the back of her closet, when you could give THE gift that everyone loves: food! We've found the best food and food-related items for anyone on your list, from pets and kids to the true gourmand. Many can be purchased in and around Houston, and some are available online and at major retailers. Let's get shopping!

This holiday season, strongly consider giving the gourmand in your life one of these ten locally produced items. (Psst...it's totally okay, too, if the "gourmand in your life" is you!)

10. Kombucha from Kickin' Kombucha. Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of fermented mushroom tea, most Houston grocery stores offer multiple varieties of kombucha. But there's only one brand born and bred in H-town and that's Kickin' Kombucha, which also happens to taste mighty fine.

9. Honey from the Heights Honeybee Project. The sweet, successful venture from Houston restaurateurs Jamie and Dalia Zelko, the Heights Honeybee Heights Project practices ethical beekeeping and produces organic, sustainable and gobsmackingly tasty honey. Pick a few jars for your neighbors (the nice ones, not the couple who stage loud brawls at 3 a.m.) by contacting Zelko Bistro.

The Revival Market Pantry Gift Box
The Revival Market Pantry Gift Box
Photo courtesy of Revival Market

8. Gift box from Revival Market. The assortment of wares at Revival Market can be overwhelming, in a good way, so why not let them choose for you? This holiday season Revival Market will be offering two varieties of pre-assembled gift boxes. The "Condiments and Sauces" ($49.95) includes such goodies as American mustard, Sam Houston BBQ sauce, Revival Market ketchup, bread & butter pickles, Galveston County Jurassic Salt and Market Grill Rub. For $79.95, however, you can indulge in the "Revival Pantry Gift Box," which boasts all of the above PLUS house-made granola, Market tomato sauce, green tomato relish and Market salsa. You can also design your own gift boxes (small, medium or large available) for a more personal flourish. Contact the store for more details.

It's details like chocolate-dipped spoons that make this cocoa kit delectable.
It's details like chocolate-dipped spoons that make this cocoa kit delectable.
Photo by Lisa Gochman

7. Cocoa Mix from Petite Sweets. This December, Petite Sweets aptly demonstrates that not all cocoa mixes are created equal by offering its own superlative version ($25) that includes two mugs, powdered cocoa, homemade marshmallows and chocolate-dipped spoons.

6. Cheese from Houston Dairymaids. A cheese plate is as much a fixture of the holiday potluck table as cookies and eggnog, but can get a bit stale if you restrict yourself to grocery Cheddar, Monterey Jack and brie. This holiday season, rejuvenate the classic cheese and cracker platter with selections from the Houston Dairymaids. Your host or hostess will thank you.

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