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A Great-Looking Burger With a NSFW Name Lands in the Heights Next Week

Now that's a cheeseburger.
Now that's a cheeseburger. Photo courtesy of Ball Out Burger
Just look at that insane double stack. American cheese perfectly melted. Patties succulent and greasy. Side of sweet potato fries looking mighty fine. It's a meal that's heading to the Heights next week, but for some of us, the name of the actual eatery is rather, uh, egregious. In fact, proclaiming a trip to Balls Out Burger might be a little soft spoken around the office. And by soft spoken I mean never leaving these lips. Will not say aloud. Nope. No thank you.

According to the hugely reliable source that is Urban Dictionary, the phrase balls out actually refers to the governor on a steam engine: "Two heavy balls are attached to the engine so that as engine speed increases, the centrifigal force of the flywheel causes the balls to rise. As the balls top out, they govern (limit) the engine, thereby controlling maximum engine speed. 'Balls out,' then, refers to running the engine at maximum speed."

Here's how the owner describes Balls Out:

“My vision for Balls Out Burger is to establish a community atmosphere where friends, family, and neighbors can gather together to chill, eat delicious food, have a few beers, and have a great time with one another. In addition to the overall experience, Balls Out is not going to cut any corners; all burgers will be made-to-order from the highest-quality ingredients.”

Balls Out promises an "irreverent" (you don't say) take on a burger joint that is also "down-to-Earth" (not boding well for brand imagery). This is the first eatery from Tucker, an Irish transplant who will also open a second, albeit more refined spot in Sawyer Yards in the Washington Avenue Arts District this fall called PoitÍn (pronounced Putt-cheen), planned as a “sophisticated, concept-driven cocktail bar and restaurant.”
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Balls Out sign out.
Photo courtesy of Balls Out Burger
As for Balls Out, expect counter service, a menu that includes classic hamburgers, cheeseburgers and double stacks sourced from 44 Farms, with buns from Slow Dough. Fries can be ordered in the shoestring, hand-cut and sweet potato variety, and if you aren't terrified of bringing your highly impressionable progeny here, there are kid-sized hamburgers and cheeseburgers as well.

Saint Arnold brews, a rotating selection of Texas wines, and milkshakes sourced from Amy's Ice Cream will also be on hand beverage-wise, and the eatery boasts a 4,000-square-foot, dog-friendly patio with yard games and 20 bike racks. The eatery will also be eco-friendly, with recyclable materials and plastic ware sourced from Earth Choice. The general manager, Paul Rickman, comes from SONIC in College Station along with NORTH Italia and Liberty Kitchen.

Balls Out Burger, opening June 3 at 1603 North Durham,
Projected Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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