Actual cookie devoured, not pictured.
Actual cookie devoured, not pictured.

Houston's Elusive Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Update: Brown Bag Deli

Upon the advice of Meghan, Cortney and Maggie, I went to the Brown Bag Deli in the hopes of snagging a chewy chocolate chip cookie.

The cookies ($1.50) were lodged in individual white paper bags in a large glass jar just behind the counter next to an identical container of Rice Krispies treats. With a diameter of approximately four inches, they were larger than your average supermarket cookies but not quite big enough to earn the very precise, scientific label I call "jumbo."

As I visited Brown Bag in the early afternoon, I didn't expect the cookies to be at their peak of delicious warm chewiness (which occurs just a few minutes after coming out of oven), so I was pleasantly surprised to find the slightly hard surface belied a soft interior of semi-melted chunks that bled into the vanilla batter. The thinner edges of the cookie provided a lovely contrasting buttery crunch, and the decent chunk-to-dough ratio meant no bite was devoid of chocolate.

Although I really liked Brown Bag's chocolate chunk cookie, I still would give it only a seven on my own ten-point scale. The cookie was more soft than truly chewy and was also a bit on the flat side. Ideally, I'm looking for a more uniformly thicker, more robust cookie. So, the hunt continues. Stay tuned for further posts.


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