Houston's Hottest Chefs: Bryan Caswell

Houston's Hottest Chefs: Bryan Caswell

Whether you think he is actually hot or not, there are few chefs (heck, people!) who elicit a passionate response like Bryan Caswell. Love him or hate him, the Reef, Little Big's and Stella Sola boss was a Food & Wine Magazine's "Best New Chef" and has even walked a red carpet with food paparazzi.

For our anniversary, my wife and I went to Reef. Caswell came out to our table say hello, and after he walked off, I think my wife had trouble breathing a little bit. I know he has her vote in the Houston's Hottest Chef Contest. I guess that I'm secure enough in my manhood to say that Caswell is one good-looking dude.

Eating Our Words: What are your thoughts on being a finalist for Houston's Hottest Chef?

Bryan Caswell: I think it's crazy. Pretty ridiculous.

EOW: Have any customers at Reef asked you about it?

BC: No, but I have had a lot of people call me or text me to ask me if I have seen it. Some people have emailed it to me.

EOW: Has anyone given you shit about it?

BC: You mean like my entire kitchen staff? I hear it from them all the time. Chris Shepherd (from Catalan) has been one of the worst, sending me text messages and stuff.

EOW: What do you think about your competition?

BC: I'm not very good about judging the sexiness of men.

EOW: What about the women finalist?

BC: I voted for Meagan [finalist Meagan Silk from Feast].

EOW: You were a finalist for the James Beard Award this year...

BC: This would be way better.

EOW: Final question: Since you are a seafood expert, what do you say when a woman asks you to try her tuna taco?

BC: Never been asked. I'm still waiting on that one. Maybe winning would help that out.


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