We concocted the drink at home.
Troy Fields

There are only three bars in my neighborhood: two that are scary-smelly, and Hunters Pub (10549 S. Post Oak, 713-283-5333). This quintessential neighborhood bar didn't have a big New Year's Eve celebration because, hell, everyone knows that's amateur night. Instead, they threw a decent party the next day, complete with cheap hangover drinks, party favors, silly hats and lots of free down-home food. When I strolled in around midday, I'd already broken two resolutions (and I think one law), and the party was in full swing. Maria, bartender and therapist, was quick to tell me all about the buck-fifty drinks. I chose a Bloody Biker, a kind of Bloody Mary with olive juice that would cure anything, and listened in on the conversations around me about politics, sports, parades and the loss of loved ones. At one point, one young man actually asked his friend, "Dude, where's my car?" At times the ruckus in the bar would fade away, and I imagined each of us silently reflecting on our hopes for the year ahead and moments from the one just past. But the noise would always return with someone offering a toast to Hunters and their cheap drinks, and to a "Happy Fuckin' New Year!" Enough said.

1 1/2 ounces of Taaka vodka (or any cheap Russian vodka)

Spicy tomato juice


Hunters Pub

Olive juice



Rim a squat cocktail glass with salt. Add vodka, spicy tomato juice and a generous splash of olive juice. Garnish with olives. Repeat until you feel better.

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