Indian quesadillas at Red Lion Pub

What better place to get Indian fusion food than at a good old British pub? Rumor has it that the baked tandoori chicken quesadillas ($13) at the Red Lion Pub (2316 S. Shepherd, 713-782-3030) are about to be featured on an upcoming episode of the Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. After trying them, we understand why. White-meat chicken is baked with tandoori spices, glazed with a sweet chile sauce and topped with mozzarella before being stuffed inside naan. It comes with a mint and yogurt dipping sauce, as well as a carrot, cucumber and onion relish. Cut into eight triangular pieces, the quesadillas are made for sharing, although one bite and you will advise your fellow diners to order their own plates.


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