Ingredient of the Week: French Fried Onions

Ingredient of the Week: French Fried Onions

What is it? Thanksgiving, my favorite food holiday, is just around the corner, which means there's a sale in every grocery store in the U.S. on French fried onions, those crispy bits of fried goodness. These salty little treats are available commercially by two famous brands, Durkee and French's, with little to no difference between the two (although I'm willing to bet the individual companies would have something to say about that).

How is it used? French fried onions are most commonly found in a dish you'll see on most families' holiday spreads - green bean casserole. I personally like them on top of salads for a little salty crunch or sprinkled over homemade tomato soup.

Where can I buy it in Houston? Literally, any grocery store.

Recipe: Make your own and win cash through French's recipe contest. Submit your entry through November 16.

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