Ingredient of the Week: Mayacopa Beans

Ingredient of the Week: Mayacopa Beans

What is it?

So we've already covered heirloom tomatoes, right? Well, apparently there are such things as heirloom beans, and the Mayacopa variety is one of them.

For one little legume, there are certainly many spellings and names - Mayacoba, Maya Copa, yellow beans, Mayocoba, Mayo Coba, Canario and Peruano. This bean, which originated in Peru, is light in color and, when cooked, thin-skinned and tender.

How is it used?

According to Rancho Gordo, an online store specializing in heirloom beans and other "new world specialty food," Mayacopas are great in place of great Nothern or Canellini beans. When cooked, they're great in salads, soups, chilis. They tend to keep their shape when cooked, so they're especially ideal for salads. Mayacopas also absorb flavors well and make a great hummus.

Where can I buy it in Houston?

We found these at Canino Produce on Airline.


Maya Coba Bean and Pumpkin Soup: Courtesy of MWL Food


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